Everything Man

Sometimes I sit down and wonder how I can let the world view my life from the outside in. Something like a reality show or something ya know? So i figured that maybe this blog thing would be a start at conveying some of my most subliminal messages. Well to start... Hello world, the name is Joshua Wood. I'm 18 years old and I am a freshman at Morgan State University. I initially planned to let journalism be my major, but I came to the conclusion that I just like writing. I don't think that I would want it to be something I want to spend the rest of my life doing. I like doing things like film editing and stuff like that. One of my biggest dreams is to do a documentary. On what you ask? I have no idea, but I think it's like a calling from GOD to do a documentary. Don't get me wrong, writing will be a part of my life until the day I die. I just wouldn't want it to be something that is career driven. A bit about me, I love girls and I hate haters. I like to collect shoes, whether it's Nike SB or a pair of Jordans. I like clothes on that are limited, like BAPE, BBC, KidRobot, Maharishi, etc. I am far from a hype beast trust me. I wear what I like, if it looks good I am going to cop it. I am not out to by every shoe just to say that I have it, if the pair of SB dunks look ugly, I am not going to drop the dollar on them. So all in a nutshell, what ever I think is nice, it's mine. I love girls with a passion, they make my world spin and continue to spin. But I am definitely on that 50 cent tip. I call a square a square and a circle a circle. So if you choose to be a b*tch, that's what I will refer to you as. But I don't because I don't affiliate my self with those types of human beings. Whether if it's a male or a female. I have never let the word b*tch come out of my mouth to a female. I hate the word and it's degrading our women today. But at the same time, it has a lot of truth behind it. But plain and simple b*tch isn't in my vocabulary. I love music of all types, but the music that I spend most of my time listening to is conscious hip-hop. You know, those people like Common, Talib, A Tribe Called Quest, and De La Soul. My favorites are Common and A Tribe Called Quest. Music is one of the aspects in my life that defines the type of person that I am. Revolutionary, unique, creative; they are all parts that make me who I am. I love my family to death. My momma, my sister Amber, my grandma, my step-dad, my step-brother DJ, my little cousin Zoe (my pride and joy), my cousins Cydney and Sean, My aunt and uncle. Even in my extended family. Family is forever...NEVER FORGET THAT. I am currently single, BUT ladies, do not take that as the "ok go" to run yourself in and out of my presence. Not to sound cocky, but it isn't happening like that. Honestly, I am just looking for someone who I can kick it with. A hug there, a cuddle here, a kiss here. Relationships haven't always been my type of "good soup". Something usually ends up going terribly wrong after a month or so. I've dealt with liars and conceited monkeys. I am trying to grow out of that, but it's happening slowly. Eventually I will be looking for someone to settle down with and make it official. But now, I want to relax and have a B.U.D.D.Y. You see that I said B.U.D.D.Y. in a singular sense. Meaning that I only want one, not 103,354,345. So until she arrives, I am just going to play my cards right. I am a positive person. I look at things with a smile whether the situation is good or bad. You would be surprised with how much better life would be if you added a smile to your daily agenda. I have love for everybody, black, white, spanish, pretty ugly, gay, straight, fresh, bamas, nerds, the whole nine yards. So please, do not be to scarred to approach me. I hardly bite.

You are probably wondering what Juhstys is. If you haven't got it yet, write the word out and sound it sound it out...slowly....THATS RIGHT!!! It's Justice but spelled differently. I purposely spelled justice incorrectly so I could add a little flavor to the whole get up. I call this blog Juhstys because it is my only means of finding peace and fairness. Cool huh?

So there you have it. I started this page off with a introduction to me and how I live life. Expect to see everything on here.


Stokes said...

DEEP DEEP DEEP like Blackstreet

Ashlee Schuppius said...

Inspire me...write more...lol...i like the intro though=]...J-U-H-S-T-Y-S..i like!=]

Russ said...

Yo my nigga J-boogie wats really good my G hows the good life. Yo fuck these lame ass niggas jus scrape these dick-heads off the buttom of your shoe ya digg

Tiey T said...

ahh everything i already knew about you. liars and concieted monkeys lol hope im not the liar lol i ♥ you josh keep being you cuz thats y everyone loves you in the first place

Knowledge of The Union said...

I also like long walks on the beach, holding hands while listening to cher albums.

I feel like I know you too well now!