If she isn't one of the coolest girls I know..

..this is not a person of the moment blog. this is more like a shout out/promotion thing. well, this is Gabby. i met her back in the high school days when i was just a young chap. i can't say we were like SUPER cool with each other, but we were cool enough. over the years her cool factor has definitely surpassed mine. i mean she lives right across from Huf in San Fransciso. i'd give a few limbs to be put up as stationary right (i siced it). but on a serious note looking at what she is doing definitely shows that she has talent. she is a photog and she is pretty damn good at it. like her pictures give off this quite and antiqued look, but they look so fresh because of what her models are dressed in or how they are posed. her editing skills are off the faheez. you definitely need to give her a look and a holla if you want some good pictures taken. i remember speaking to her and running into her at Commonwealth a while back, we spoke on some pictures for me. i'm still down, so Gabby get readyyy!

give her a shout here:http://calypsotalks.wordpress.com/
or here:http://www.gabriellebrutus.com/



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